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Did Jesse James die in 1882? A visit through the one-and-only Jesse James Wax Museum is an eye-opening experience and provides incredible evidence into the answer of that question. Was Jesse James gunned down by Bob Ford over 100 years ago or did he pull off the greatest escape of his career and live happily ever after until 1951? You be the judge.
Quick Fact :: Jesse James was the first of the West's notorious badmen. He and his brother Frank, along with their cousins the Youngers, raised bank and train robbery to an art.
Cowboy Box and Hat

After viewing the world's only live film footage of Jesse James, examining photography, reading the fascinating displays, observing the wax figures, and gazing at the $100,000 collection of vintage firearms and personal belongings of James and his gang, you will be astonished. The Museum is near the famous Meramec Caverns and is located along I-44, formerly historic Route 66. The Museum also features a unique gift shop.

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